Glad you are here!


For your perfect start into adventure, here are a few tips and info: 

Water & Power


There is basically unlimited water and power available to you. Of course there is also electricity. 
Hence we try to keep everything as sustainable as possible, we would be very happy if you help us and don't completely escalate water and electricity consumption :)



The reception here in Delve is very good - you can stream what the stuff holds. The hub is under the sofa, should it have to be reset.


Hub: TinyEscape



The Hobbit wood stove, apart from being smaller, can be operated in the same way as other wood stoves. 


1. Air supply:
Fully open the small door under the main door. There is the ash catcher - if it is empty, the stove pulls best. If it is full, empty it in the ash container outside between the tires, but only if its absolutely cooled down. 

2. Make a fire:
With smaller pieces of wood and a stove lighter make a fire and then quickly put on bigger wood pieces. As soon as the wood burnes nicely, you can put on a briquette. This saves wood, but also work, because the briquette glows for a long time.


3. As soon as the stove burns really well and a briquette is burning as well - close the door to the ash cather and cut off the main air supply. 

Always use a glove to operate the oven, as the handle gets very hot!


If the window gets rusty simply rub it with some paper. (only when it has cooled out already)

Wood and briquette supplies can be found outside to the right of the house in the dark brown box.

If you don't want to heat with the Hobbit stove, you can grab the fan heater. This can be found under the sink and is certainly easier to use for a fresh morning than turning on the stove.



The pot handles get quite hot, so better use the pot holders. 

The induction cooker draws quite a lot of electricity at once (see also "Power"), so it is possible that the cooker hums a bit and the lamps get darker in the kitchen while using the cooker. 

The stove only goes on if you put a pot or a pan on it. 



Seat pads and grill accessories (pliers, grillage etc.) can be found in the brown box to the right of the house. The charcoal is in a purple plastic bag.

The grill can also be used as a fire bowl by simply removing the grate. 

Please use common sense to operate the fire bowl, i.e. do not use it if nature around is too dry, or do not ignite meter-high fire. 



The ROK is very easy to use and you can't do anything wrong. 


This video shows how easy it is.



There is Autan in the bathroom and an anti-mosquito plug for you on the sleeping floor. If you don't find any peace at all, then plug it in for a few hours. The small inlet is supposed to be blue - in case its gone white you find replenishment in the black box beneath the kitchen sink.  



The toilet is a so-called separation toilet and you can't do much wrong here, unless you pee standing up or sit on it the wrong way round ;)

In the front only liquid comes in - called Pippi and afterwards a very small sip of water. (see red glass container under the sink) In the back on the blue one comes solid matter and toilet paper. 

So you sit down as usual. The seat gives way, because your weight opens the hatch for "solids".


Bluetooth Speaker

Simply turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone and press "ADD" on the loudspeaker. In your mobile phone you will see the device "Sony SRS-XB10". Establish connection and off you go. 

To charge simply connect to the charging cable (supposed to be under the sink next to the hot water bottle etc.)

Instax Kamera


The camera is super easy to use, insert film and you can take photos. This nice gentleman shows you how easy it is under this link.


Please leave us 8 EUR per film in the small money box robot.


And find her doing the instax in the dining area in the small narrow elongated wooden box.



Two bicycles are available for you to the right of the house. 

The number code for the locks is 1627, the same as for the keylock.

If the air in the tyres gets empty:  Under the sink there is an air pump. 

We will be happy if you cover the wheels with the cover again after use, so that many more guests will have fun with the wheels after you. 

Before you start your ride you should check if the bicycle is good and safe to go. 

We are not liable for the usage of the bikes. 

Your Safety


It is important to us that you are safe in the house and know what to do in case of an emergency: 

An easy-to-use fire extinguisher is located under the sink.

A first aid box is also under the sink. 

A smoke detector as well as a carbon monoxide detector ensure that dangers are detected at an early stage.

In case of emergency keep calm and call: 112

Place Rules


As you will have noticed, we are on a camping site. Therefore we would like to consider a few rules out of respect for the other campers:

Rest periods:

Very easy to remember, no remmi demmi at noon and at night - so from 22-8 o'clock and at noon from 13-15 o'clock.

Dogs are welcome, but please leash them, there are some furry neighbours.


Open fire in the fire bowl:
Please don't ignite it too high, just use a little common sense, if it is super dry in summer you might want to do without it, or if it is very windy. 


Flashlight, hot-water bottle..

Flashlight, hot water bottle, matches, supplies of stove lighters etc. can be found under the sink behind the trash can. 



Kniffel, Uno, Boule let you finally forget the everyday life. 

Boule can be found outside in the wooden box.

Kniffel, Uno etc. are stored in the dining area in the narrow long wooden boxes for you. 



Especially in winter, it is helpful to ventilate properly every few hours (at best even 1x per hour) to avoid condensation on top of the roof windows.

In addition, we have provided you with a small dehumidifier. 
Just switch it on during the day/evening (ON/OFF button).
When the dehumidifier is running, the button lights up green. When the water tank is full, the indicator turns yellow and the dehumidifier switches off automatically. In this case, please empty the water tank briefly and then reinsert it.

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We don't want to send anyone back with an empty stomach and no coffee! Therefore you can take your time with the check-out until 12 o'clock. 

Of course Anke - your housekeeper - would be very happy if you could pull the bed off and put all the towels and tea towels that were used on one pile. 

Just put the key back in the keylock . 

Travel save and we would love to welcome you again anytime soon!

Any questions?
Then please contact me (Sophie) : 0049 1 76 - 26 11 30 15