Behind Tiny Escape stands a network of people, companies, clubs, Solopreneurs, StartUps, TinyHouse fans and many more, who contribute daily to the vision of giving as many people as possible short breaks close to nature. 


It all started with the desire to "escape" from the big city more often - out into nature, being alone, weather

feel whether sun or rain and all this without completely renouncing comfort. 


The currently first house is located in the real north in Delve at the Eider and therefore offers a perfect TinyEscape for hamburgers - more are already in planning. 

Who would like to participate is cordially invited to contact us!

Currently we are looking for "Hosts" for the next houses (Hamburg/Germany) and
Properties on idyllic locations (Hamburg/Germany)

Contact us via: info@tinyescape.de or give us a call: +49 176 - 26 11 30 15

Schopstr. 16

20255 Hamburg

F: +49 176 - 26 11 30 15
M: info@tinyescape.de

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