Schleswig (SH)

Perfectly accessible by bus & train:
The beautiful houseboat "Madita" is located in the city harbour of Schleswig and offers maritime cosiness that you won't forget so quickly!

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A swimming TinyEscape


If you are looking for peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the city and want to be away from it all - even from the normal ground under your feet - this houseboat is the right choice. 

It gently lulls you to sleep or offers you a sun deck for breakfast.
You will forget everything around you. Promise!

Chilling on the sundeck


Yes, we all know the many songs from the sun deck and how often do we see each other after that to be able to flee to one... just for a few days... at least one weekend - the waiting is over. 

Mix a drink in your own boat-kitchen and enjoy yourselfes at the deck.


Medium to the nature

The houseboat has no lack of windows - you have a 180 degree view and as far as the eye can see (with the exception of a boat in front and behind you) you only see seagulls very far away also some shore. 



A small but fine sauna, lets you sweat out the last of your everyday stress. Afterwards a little jump into the Schlei or just a refreshing shower and you feel like a newborn. 


Baltic Sea fjord Schlei


You can hardly get any closer to the Baltic Sea fjord Schlei - you sleep directly on it - hear the seagulls nagging and feel the nature literally through the light bobbing of the boat.


Viking city Schleswig

The former Viking town of Schleswig has a fishing village, a lively town centre, a cathedral and a town harbour with numerous restaurants. Discover the small monastery, the quite windy alleys, the Wickingermuseum Haithabu, or stroll through the alleys on historical pavement and discover this beautiful small town for you. 



Yes, it's so beautiful in a boat, you don't want to get out - for all those who want to get out anyway, there are plenty of woods, fields and nature around Schleswig.
For example the well-known zoo invites to a nice run or walk.

Take a swim


Whether in winter a jump into the Schlei after a sauna visit, or in summer at one of the numerous bathing facilities in and around Schleswig - you will definitely get wet!



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